The Actuary

June 13 – July 2, 2017

Romance, marriage, family – told in reverse!   Ed Brooks is an actuary and considers himself the most boring man in the world.  He and his loving wife Barb, an enthusiastic sales leader for Bonnie Bay Cosmetics who drives a purple Cadillac, attend a baby shower for their daughter Tabitha, due in four days. At the shower is her husband Lyle (in the middle of developing a killer app called Whozit) and their close friends Avery and Richard, who are engaged to be married. The highlight of the party is to be the “Baby Shower Bombshell,” a sealed envelope Ed has brought telling them whether it’s a boy or a girl.  The envelope is opened and the surprising news within jolts the party guests. Being the kind of guy nobody notices actually helps as Ed takes us backward in time to show us how the family got to this point. The Actuary is about family, it’s about love and it’s about a man who discovers that, perhaps, he is not so boring as he thought.

Ticket Prices:

$38, $41 & $44.

Show Times:

8PM Tuesday – Saturday and 7:30PM on Sunday except July 2nd at 4PM.