Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime

August 16 – September 3, 2017

Love, honor, duty and murder. Before Lord Arthur can wed the lovely Sybil Merton, his future mother-in-law insists that Podgers, the current darling of Victorian society, read his palm to see if Lord Arthur is suitable enough to marry her beautiful daughter. Surprisingly, Podgers privately informs Arthur that he is destined to commit a murder! Only desiring a happily married life, Arthur tells his butler, Baines, that he feels duty-bound to get the murder over with first. After all, he says, “It would be unfair to Sybil if I murdered somebody after we were married.” They end up partnering with the cheerful anarchist Winkelkopf, who loves bombs, but attempt after attempt fails. They plot, plan, scheme and conspire to bump off family members, and try to do it as properly as well-mannered English gentlemen can, but Arthur’s relatives remain unwittingly and blissfully alive!

Ticket Prices:

$38, $41 & $44.

Show Times:

8PM Tuesday – Saturday and 7:30PM on Sunday except September 3rd at 4PM.