Agatha Christie – The Hollow


July 6 – 24, 2016

Directed by Joe Foust

Sponsored by True Essence Healing Arts – Margaret & Dale West

“The Hollow” is a brilliant murder mystery set in a classic English country house after WW II.  A weekend gathering at The Hollow, Sir Henry Angkatell’s place just outside of London, goes deathly awry.  While guests unpack, dress for dinner and partake in pre-dinner cocktails, the good-looking Dr. John Cristow finds himself surrounded by an old flame, his wife and his current mistress, all of whom fan their smoldering desires toward him.  The festive weekend comes to a screeching halt when a guest is suddenly murdered. Everyone has opportunities and motives. It is the charming Inspector Colquhoun and his down-to-earth assistant Sergeant Penny who must try to follow Christie’s well-crafted twists and turns to unmask the killer.

Christie is the best-selling novelist of all time, with sales of her novels reaching more than two billion.  In the 1930s she began adapting her stories to the stage and became a record-breaking playwright (the London production of “The Mousetrap” is the longest continuously running play in history – 63 years!).  “The Hollow” is based on her 1946 book of the same name and was first produced on stage in 1951. It ran for eleven months in London and Queen Mary, being a Christie fan, particularly requested to see it.

Ticket Prices:

$37, $40, $43.

Show Times:

8PM Tuesday – Saturday and 7:30PM on Sunday except July 24th at 4PM.

Cast & Staff


Henrietta Angkatell Erica Elam
Sir Henry Angkatell, K.C.B. Tom Mula
Lady Angkatell Penny Slusher
Midge Harvey Katherine Duffy
Gudgeon Mark Moede
Edward Angkatell Matt Holzfeind
Doris Ashley Lanyon
Gerda Cristow Maggie Carney
John Cristow Steve Koehler
Veronica Craye Katherine Keberlein
Inspector Colquhoun, C.I.D. James Leaming
Detective Sergeant Penny Joe Foust
Scenic Design Sarah E. Ross
Costume Design Rachel Lambert
Lighting Design Emil Boulos
Sound Design Rick Sims
Properties Amanda Herrmann
Stage Manager Richelle Harrington
Production Manager Laura Eilers