The Nerd

the nerd

June 27 – July 22, 2012

Directed By: Linda Fortunato


A side-splitting comedy by Larry Shue, creator of “The Foreigner.”

Reality crushes Willum’s expectations when he finally meets his war hero, Rick. For years, Willum touted the man who saved his life to his friends. When Rick suddenly arrives on his doorstep for a visit, Willum soon discovers Rick is a bumbling oaf with no social sense or tact who wreaks havoc with Willum’s life and sanity. How long can Willum tolerate Rick’s obnoxious habits and tambourine practice before he cracks and schemes to out-nerd his guest?

Cast and Staff

Willum Cubbert Paul Slade Smith
Tansy McGinnis Erin Noel Grennan
Axel Hammond
Tim Monsion
Warnock Waldgrave
Lee E. Ernst
Clelia Waldgrave
Karen Janes Woditsch
Thor Waldgrave
Bennett Rabach
Rick Steadman
Sean Fortunato
Scenic Design Sarah E. Ross
Costume Design Samantha Jones
Lighting Design Jason Fassl
Sound Design Christopher Kriz
Properties Eileen Rozycki
Stage Manager Deya S. Friedman
Production Manager Sarah Burnham