Comic Potential

comic potential

August 18 – September 5, 2010


By Alan Ayckbourn

Directed by Peter Amster

In the not-too-distant future, comic lessons between scriptwriter Adam and TV actoid Jacie turn hilarious – and romantic. JCF 31333 is one of many programmable acting androids. She faces being scrapped because of a glitch in her system – a glitch for comedy which emerges at very inopportune times and overrides her programming. Adam and Jacie run away, embarking on a real life adventure that takes on epic soap opera proportions.

Cast and Staff

Prim Spring McKinley Carter
Jacie Triplethree Erica Elam
Trudi Floote, Girl in Dress Shop Linda Fortunato
Adam Trainsmith Sean Fortunato
The Doctor, Farmer, Man in Dress Shop, Turkey Neil Friedman
The Son, Marmion, Hotel Waiter 1 Andrew Keltz
Lester Trainsmith, Hotel Desk Clerk, Hotel Waiter Kevin McKillip
Chandler Tate Tim Monsion
Carla Pepperbloom Carmen Roman
The Mother, Farmer’s Wife, Dress Shop Asst., A Prostitute Karen Woditsch
Scenic Design Jack Magaw
Costume Design Rachel Laritz
Lighting Design Jason Fassl
Sound Design Victoria DeIorio
Properties Sarah Ross
Stage Manager Sara Gamage