Is He Dead?

is he dead

July 29- August 16, 2009


By Mark Twain, Adapted by David Ives

Directed by Karen Sheridan

Only dead painters achieve fame! Millet, a young painter, fakes his death in order to pay off his girlfriend’s debts. Millet then puts on a dress and passes himself off as his own sister while figuring a way to come back to life, don trousers and marry Marie!

Cast and Staff

Agamemnon Buckner (“Chicago”) Sean Fortunato
Hans von Bismarck Joe Foust
Papa Leroux Tim Monsion
Marie Leroux Maris Hudson
Cecile Leroux Cassandra Bissell
Jean-Francois Millet Kevin McKillip
Bastien Andre Neil Friedman
Madame Bathilde Carmen Roman
Madame Caron Maggie Carney
Phelim O’Shaughnessy Patrick New
Basil Thorpe/Claude Riviere/Charlie/King of France James Leaming
Emperor of Russia Loren Watson
Sultan of Turkey/Customer Chris Gonyo
Scenic Design Tom Burch
Costume Design Rachel Laritz
Lighting Design Jason Fassl
Sound Design Joshua Horvath
Properties Sarah Ross
Stage Manager Sara Gammage