August 13 – 31, 2008

By Neil Simon

Directed by Karen Sheridan

Neil Simon’s hilarious comedy.  An upscale anniversary party turns into a melee of innuendos and misunderstandings when four couples arrive for the celebration to find the host, the New York City Deputy Mayor, has been shot, his wife is missing, dinner is still thawing, and the servants have disappeared!  The shenanigans get out of hand when the mayor’s lawyer attempts a cover-up, which fills the rumor mill with infidelity, scandal, mystery, and of course, side-splitting humor.

Cast and Staff

Chris Gorman Karen Janes Woditsch
Ken Gorman Kevin McKillip
Claire Ganz Carmen Roman
Lenny Ganz Bill Bannon
Ernie Cusack Tim Monsion
Cookie Cusack Maggie Carney
Glenn Cooper Jay Whittaker
Cassie Cooper Erica Elam
Officer Welch Joe Foust
Officer Pudney Sarah Burnham
Scenic Design Jack Magaw
Costume Design Brenda McCann Winstead
Lighting Design Jason Fassl
Sound Design Lindsay Jones
Properties Chris Wych
Stage Manager Sara Gammage