Born Yesterday

born yesterday

July 9 – July 27, 2008

By Garson Kanin

Directed by Peter Amster

A classic American comedy by Garson Kanin.  Harry, a wealthy and rough junk-yard racketeer, hires a savvy young reporter to smarten up Billie, his brainless but beautiful gal pal.  As lessons commence, Billie proves to be smarter than Harry thought, and his plan to buy a senator and add Washington to his back pocket goes quickly awry.

Cast and Staff

Billie Dawn Erica Elam
Harry Brock Neil Friedman
Paul Verrall Kevin McKillip
Jim Devery Tim Monsion
Senator Norval Hedges Tom Mula
Mrs. Hedges Carmen Roman
Eddie Brock Jim Leaming
The Assistant Manager Joe Foust
Helen Maggie Carney
A Manicurist Cassandra Bissell
A Bellhop Eric Swanson
A Barber Matt Fayfer
A Bootblack Grace DeWolff
A Waitress Deanne Dutton
Scenic Design Tom Burch
Costume Design Brenda McCann Winstead
Lighting Design Stephen White
Sound Design Victoria DeIorio
Properties Keith Hoop
Stage Manager Deya Friedman