Master Class

master class

 June 20 – July 9, 2006

By Terrence McNally

Directed by Peter Amster

Produced by Todd Schmidt

Master Class by Terrence McNally, brings us into the classroom of opera diva Maria Callas – the greatest opera singer of her generation. While Callas teaches students she reflects on a career full of glories, sacrifice and the price of fame.

Cast and Staff

Maria Callas Carmen Roman
First Soprano (Sophie) Maggie Carney
Second Soprano (Sharon) Melissa Spevacek
Tenor (Tony) Scott Ramsay
Accompanist (Manny) Shawn Stengel
Stagehand William J. Norris
Scenic Design Keith E. Pitts
Costume Design Karin Kopischke
Lighting Design Stephen White
Sound Design Joe Huppert
Properties Nathan Doud
Stage Manager Sharon L. Wilson
Photographs by Bruce Mielke