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Players Pen – August 24

With the departure of several members of “The Full Monty’s” 20-member cast, the dinner line is bit shorter these days. The excitement continues as we still have two shows scheduled. Our current offering “Alabama Story” by Kenneth Jones features six … Learn more

Players Pen – August 17

As I sit to write this column tickets are booking quickly for the closing weekend of “The Full Monty.” As I stand near the doorway after final curtain I’ve seen expressions of pure joy on the faces of many patrons … Learn more

Players Pen – August 10

The MacMillan Dictionary defines a character actor as an actor who plays unusualstrange, or interesting  characters  instead of being one of the main characters.

The recent passing of David Huddleston, a character actor who played title … Learn more

Players Pen – August 3

During the final week of “The Hollow” our pre-show seminar host and Agatha Christie expert, Dr. Chris Chan, shared his fascination with American adaptations of British works.  I thought readers of this column would be interested in that too!  Without … Learn more

Players Pen – July 27

Last week I had the pleasure of speaking at an event sponsored by the Door County Historical Society on one of my favorite topics, the history of Peninsula Players.  In preparation for the presentation I kept pondering how to present … Learn more