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Players Pen – October 19

The Grand Lady of Summer Theater is being tucked in for the winter by her dedicated caregivers this week.  Last weekend’s closing performance of “The 39 Steps” received another standing ovation and patrons were sad to see this fun, comic … Learn more

Players Pen – October 12

It is unfathomable that the final performance of the Players 81st season will be Sunday, Oct. 16 at 3 p.m.  It really feels like yesterday that we announced the 2016 season, greeted new company members, tore tickets to “Chapatti,” participated … Learn more

Players Pen – October 5

When attending the obligatory cocktail party/wedding reception/fundraiser/social event, there is one question that looms over an actor’s head – ready to drop at a moment’s notice.

“What do you do for a living?”

If, when asked this, an actor replies … Learn more

Players Pen – September 28

They say that journeys improve when you’re in good company.  This is true in life and definitely true when one is rehearsing a play.  I have recently had the fortune of directing “The 39 Steps” at Peninsula Players, and it … Learn more

Players Pen – September 21

Another exciting week has gone by at Peninsula Players as we settle into the slower daytime pace of the fall season.  The days are a bit more relaxed because we are no longer building or rehearsing the next show; but … Learn more