July 7 – July 25, 2004

By Neil Simon

Directed by Karen Sheridan

Produced by Todd Schmidt

Neil Simon’s comic fable based on a Russian folk tale.  Take an idealistic schoolteacher named Leon, add a beautiful but dim-witted girl, sprinkle with an ancient curse that makes the townsfolk fools and you have the ingredients for a charming and funny family tale.   Two hundred years ago a spurned lover cursed the town, now Leon has 24 hours to educate Sophia, who has just mastered the art of sitting, to break the curse or become a victim himself!  Fools conveys a wonderful message about the power of Love and shows us that often the only thing standing between us and our dreams…is us.

Cast and Staff

Leon Tolchinsky Timothy Edward Kane
Snetsky Will Clinger
The Magistrate William J. Norris
Slovitch Neil Friedman
Mishkin Sean Fortunato
Yenchna Kate Fry
Dr. Zubritsky Greg Vinkler
Lenya Zubritsky Carmen Roman
Sophia Zubritsky Linda Parsons
Gregor Yousekevitch Tim Monsion
Scenic Design Keith E. Pitts
Costume Design Sarah Eckert Bernstein
Lighting Design Stephen White
Sound Design Joe Huppert
Properties Nathan Doud
Stage Manager Mary Kate Gavin